Trying to reach oncology nurses about your product?

Need help keeping patients adherent to their medication schedule?

Need to make side effects manageable?

Learn how to partner with oncology nurses to provide information on your product in the manner they want to receive it!

In a survey of over 5000 oncology nurses:

  • 77% have been in practice for more than 5 years
  • 54% have only 10 minutes a day to spend learning new information

If you would like your programs to work for oncology nurses, talk to Meniscus Limited.


Meniscus Limited designs promotional oncology nurse programs to meet the needs of your patients.

Our programs are geared to help oncology nurses educate patients on

  • Diseases
  • Products
  • Side effect management
  • Patient adherence

Your success is our team goal

Great healthcare education is our team’s way of life

  • We are medical professionals with a passion for education
  • We bring innovations for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals
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Meniscus Limited


18 Elizabeth Street
Suite 100
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Phone: 267-440-4165



Laura Reilly, RN, BSN, MBA
Executive Vice President
Director, Client Services




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